Wrongful Eviction

Are you being wrongfully evicted?

The Pettit Law Firm helps fight wrongful evictions. The following is partial list of infractions regarding wrongful foreclosure:

  • Failing to comply with giving proper notice and other legal requirements;
  • Filing an eviction against a tenant who has lodged complaints about the condition of the property, questioned the legality of lease provisions;
  • Harassing a tenant until they move out;
  • Entering the premises without notice to or the consent of the tenant and evicting the tenant based on what the landlord saw during the unauthorized entry;
  • Changing locks or shutting off utilities because a tenant is behind on his rent;
  • Ignoring repair issues which constitute a risk to the tenant’s health or safety;
  • Ignoring repair issues which make the property uninhabitable; and
  • Evicting the tenant and moving into the premises (known as an owner move-in eviction)
  • Improper notification during foreclosure process.

Other infractions by landlords may also be considered a wrongful eviction.

We charge an hourly rate of $225.00 to work on your case and an additional $500.00 to appear on your behalf at the eviction hearing within Dallas County. Additional fees may apply with other counties.